From abused garbage collector to community leader

We met Ryden at Rizzles at St Francis Square as he had an inspiring story to share. He moved to Malta from the Philippines, leaving his HR manager and singing career behind to start a new life in Europe. His decision was influenced by his Scottish friend who he met in the Philippines a few years back.

He arrived with a job already arranged for him, so he could started as a garbage collector straight away. Ryden was shocked how much racist comments and he was receiving.

Another people done good to him offering to move into an apartment but then kept mentionoing and made an issue of few days of delay with rent payment

He approached the priest in Xlendi to join the chorus, then later he got into astra teatru.

He helped people in his community to cope with difficulties during lockdown

His community respects him and he established a good life despite the discouraging racist comments and other difficulties.