Serious garbage issues in Victoria, Gozo

In Victoria, Gozo – just opposite McDonald’s, there is a parking lot where there are a few eateries, including an Italian and an organic food outlet. Just next to those two there is a dental clinic which is often referred as the cheapest and worst dental clinic in Gozo.

Since years, residents living nearby have been complaining about the garbage stacking up between these shops and restaurants. From morning to evening the pile grows, and in the evening one can find heaps of garbage right in the center of Gozo’s capital.

The garbage collection spot near the Victoria bus terminus is just few hundred meters away, probably a 2 minute drive only. Residents are upset why shop owners cannot remove their garbage daytime, or after closing.

Garbage problems are all around Victoria

Leaving garbage behind is not only a problem at J.F. Kennedy Square. Few streets up garbage bags are piling up next to each other in front of Captain Spriss and Porta Reale, two Italian managed eateries. The garbage bags left behind often attract rats and cockroaches in the late evenings.

Garbage piles stacking up can be also seen 0-24 near the Downtown hotel, on the road to Marsalforn and near the Health Center – all in the center of Victoria.